Polygonal Portraits is a graphic art series featuring some of New Zealand’s unique birds and flowers. These contemporary prints are created using simple polygonal shapes and colours. Each print is framed in a modern white frame to suit any home or work space.

Five uniquely NZ birds and flowers make up this polygonal series.

Bellbird & Kowhai
The beautiful melody of the Bellbird and the bright vibrant colours of the kowhai tree typify the New Zealand spring time. Kowhai flowers provide rich nectar for the bellbird to feed on.

Kea & Red Mistletoe
Nothing says South Island New Zealand quite like the cheeky alpine parrot and the vast beech trees that make up much of the NZ wilderness. At the beginning of every New Zealand summer, beech forests of New Zealand come alive with the flowers of the native Red Mistletoe.

Fantail & Kakabeak
Every tramper/hiker is familiar with this friendly little bird and its unmistakable welcoming call. The kakabeak is named for its beautiful red flowers which are shaped like a kaka’s beak. Both New Zealand’s kakabeak species are seriously threatened with extinction in the wild!

Tui & Flax
Tui are known for their boisterous vocals, with a complicated mix of tuneful notes interspersed with coughs, grunts and wheezes! Tui are robed with a beautiful iridescent feathery cloak with a unique white lacy collar. New Zealand flax flowers provide a rich nectar source for the tui.   

Wood Pigeon & Karaka Berries
The kereru or wood pigeon is adorned with iridescent green, purple and bronze feathers with a smart white vest. Kereru have a huge responsibility in New Zealand, they are Zealand’s only seed disperser with a bill large enough to swallow large fruit such as karaka berries. Therefore the future of NZ’s native fruiting trees rely on the success of this beautiful bird. 


the below prices are for framed prints. frame size 40cm x 50cm


Each - $100                           Set - $450

Jonathan Harrod is a marine scientist, avid conservationist and bird enthusiast and endeavours to convey his love for the natural world through his photographs. Jonathan's images have been published world wide & have been published in magazines such as National Geographic.


Like many wildlife photographers, he uses his photography as a tool to educate, inspire and instill in people a greater love and appreciation for the natural environment. 


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